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Spring 2018 Programme: Spring 2018 Programme

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Just a reminder that Messy & Outdoor Fun is now finished.

This means Monday 19th March and Monday 26th March will not be running.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


Helping families get off to the best start in life Hertfordshire County Council is delighted to announce it will be providing a new Family Centre Service across Hertfordshire in 2018, bringing together Children’s Centres, Health Visiting and the School nursing service to deliver a shared ambition for families from pre-birth though to 19 years to have the best possible start in life and throughout childhood.

Following a successful tendering process, Hertfordshire County Council is delighted to announce that Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust has been awarded the contract for Health Visiting and School Nursing Service (Public Health Nursing, pre-birth – 19 years) and Barnardo’s Services Limited, One YMCA and Hertsmere Leisure have been awarded the Family Support Contracts (pre-birth to 11 years).

You can read the full announcement at: https://www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/about-the-council/news/press-releases/helping-families-get-off-to-the-best-start-in-life.aspx



Please take a look at the below flyers for more information about each event:

Families Feeling Safe: Families Feeling Safe Summer 2018

Families Feeling Safe Dads: Families Feeling Safe Summer 2018 dads

Walking for Health in the Borough of Broxbourne: Walks Flyer March

Inspiring Libraries Strategy: Inspiring Libraries 2018-2021

Children’s Speech and Language Therapy drop in clinics: Speech and Language clinic drop in




None booking disclaimer – We accept no responsibility for those parents who turn up to a session without booking if the session is cancelled.  Our normal procedure is to call/contact all those booked and advise of the cancelled session as soon as possible.  We will also post the cancellation on Facebook and the website (where time allows).  Emails will not be sent to all families to avoid families receiving emails not relevant to them.