Healthy Lifestyle

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Across the country, we know that more children than ever before are overweight or very overweight. Being overweight as a child may lead to health problems in later life such as heart disease or type 2 diabetes. We can help children and their families to lead healthier lives.

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Staff & Volunteers support the vision of Public Health England and want everyone to be active every day. We aim to make our sessions fun and affordable.

  1. Active society: creating a social movement
  2. Moving professionals: activating networks of expertise
  3. Active environments: creating the right spaces
  4. Moving at scale: scaling up interventions that make us active

We are taking the following steps to promote physical activity in many forms:

  1. Teach every child to have and enjoy the skills to be active every day
  2. Create safe and attractive environments where everyone can walk or cycle, regardless of age or disability
  3. Make every contact count for professionals and volunteers to encourage active lives
  4. Lead by example in every public sector workspace
  5. Evaluate and share the findings so the learning of what works can grow


Scarlet Fever:

There are currently a higher number of reports than the previous four seasons of cases of scarlet fever in England. As yet cases in Hertfordshire are not higher than we would expect. There is no cause for alarm as this is a seasonal increase in an infection which is comparatively mild; it is worth knowing the signs and when to seek medical help.

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